Vicky Kaushal: drug allegations had a huge effect on me


In an interview, Vicky said, “What I understand is that people who don’t know you personally, see something and make an assumption..that’s completely fine. We all do that. But factualising assumptions..It’s a big leap to take and that’s not fair all the time.”

Vicky added, “We all knew the video was being taken and five minutes before the video was shot Karan’s mom was with us. The video was put up. Next day I leave for Arunachal Pradesh. I was with the army for the next four days in the hills where there is no network. So I have no clue of what’s going on.”

“If it wasn’t a powder-impacted state, why did you all appear stoned and shamelessly out of your senses? Does your dislike for drugs and narcotic substances limited to on-screen presence and just to defame a state for some cheap publicity (and hefty money)?. Is there any passion within when you associate with a cause or all the campaigning is a part “Drama” done to please some group or agenda-setters?”

Vicky opened up about this and said, “I returned and checked Twitter and I was like ‘Hain ji?’ ‘What?’. FIR…open woh. Of course, it had a huge effect on me. It is not nice to be called those names by people.”


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