Katrina’s Rocking Fitness Secrets Revealed


Katrina has been training with Yasmin Karachiwala, who has got so many celebrities in shape! This is what she has to say about her favorite student: “Katrina is one of the most interesting people to work with because she expects a new workout every time she walks into the gym. The workout should meet what her goals are, it should meet her fitness levels and it should meet strengthening the parts that are weak.”

Katrina’s workout regime involves Pilates as well as Yoga. In fact, Pilates is something which helps her maintain her absolutely toned figure! She also does cardio, weight training and functional training to perfect those core muscles and abs! She is also game for trendy workouts and switches it up every now and then. TRX, Bosu ball, Kettlebells or Powerplate-the actress has tried it all!

According to her trainer, Katrina worked really hard and challenged herself to get these abs. In an interview, she mentions: “Katrina is a very strong girl and she doesn’t shy away from any kind of challenge. I can plan any workout for her and know she’ll successfully complete it. It’s very important for me to tell you that Katrina didn’t magically get those amazing abs. She maintains very high fitness levels throughout the year and when a role demands a body like that because of her existing fitness level we plan a workout to achieve the desired results,”


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