Abishek Ambareesh thanks Nikhil Kumaraswamy for his wishes


While their political battle might have split Ambareeshs and the Kumaraswamys, now that the results are out there seems to be an air of camaraderie. First, Nikhil Kumaraswamy through the social media remembered Ambareesh on his birth anniversary and then wished Abishek Ambareesh for his debut film Amar.

Abishek, who also wants to show his positive attitude replied, “Thank you very much for your support bro, really means a lot… as I’m sure you know the pressure before a big debut film (your own example). Your words are a great indication of the love and unity withing KFI, let us all continue to grow and move forward with the same spirit of togetherness, thank you for this post. As a friend, I always wish you the greatest of successes, do not be disheartened by setbacks as we all know they are a part of life. If I may say so, your words about the great district of Mandya are very encouraging and hope that you, in your capasity, will support my mother’s endeavour and we can all work together (political differences aside) for the betterment of Mandya. Your words have been kind and received well. Not just in Mandya, but the entire state of Karnataka will appreciate your kind gesture. Good luck to you always my friend.”


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