Producers Are Shocked By Sunil’s Remuneration


From few years, Sunil had seen very bad phase. He had made a comeback to full-length comedy roles and appeared in movies like Silly Fellows, Aravindha Sametha and Amar Akbar Anthony.

The latest news is that Sunil is planning a film in which he will be playing the hero once again. Writer Veligonda Srinivas, who had made his debut as a director with Raj Tarun’s Anddhagadu, will be directing Sunil’s latest film.

A new producer who was supposed to produce the Sunil-Veligonda Srinivas’ movie had backed out after Sunil reportedly demanded Rs 1.5 crores as his remuneration. 

But the producer was left in a huge shock as he felt that Sunil’s market has gone down. He later backed out of the project after Sunil refused to reduce his price. Veligonda Srinivas is now looking for another producer. However Sunil has all the capabilities to bounce back. Reported by gulte. 


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