RGV Tells That Balakrishna Never Spoke to Him About Lakshmi’s NTR


Ram Gopal Varma‘s production Bhairava Geetha, is releasing on December 7. Hence he was promoting the film and here is what he said about his upcoming films. Directed by Siddharth Thatholu, the film has Dhanunjay and Irra Mor in lead roles.

You usually don’t praise anyone. But why were you all in praises for Siddharth?

Siddharth brought the script to an experienced director like me and I will have a certain idea on how the shot or the scene is going to be pictured. But his work has reached above my expectations and so, it is obvious that he will be praised. That is the only reason I appreciated Siddharth during the pre-release function.

You have said so many times that you want to direct biopic of NTR. What happened ?

That topic never went into discussions with Balakrishna and he neither spoke to me about the film. They had their own ideas about the biopic. But I always had one, and it was more about the darker part of NTR’s life and his relationship with Lakshmi Parvathi. That is what I am going to show now in Lakshmi’s NTR. Even after announcing this film too, Balakrishna never spoke to me.

Lakshmi Parvathi asked you to show the script, right? So did you do that?

I asked her to let me to do the film if she believes in me. I told her that I may even change the script later, to which even she had nothing to say. So she has to believe me when I have taken the responsibility of showing the truth.

Are you intentionally releasing the film with NTR biopic?

It wasn’t planned. The film will be over by then and I want to release it. I have no choice (laughs). I am not here to hurt anyone’s feeling I am here to make film and I will be doing it. Nobody can stop me from releasing the film and I am not afraid of anyone. Reported by gulte. 


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