Director Shankar Said That A VFX Company Had Cheated Them


Director Shankar said that the film doesn’t have comedy or fun elements unlike the original Robot that has good dose of comedy. Shankar said the film completely dealt with the action quotient and thrilling elements. 

Shankar further said that people have already watched Robot (Enthiran) and enjoyed it. He said that’s why he has made 2.0 in a different genre. Talking about shooting the entire film in 3D with 3D camera that would be limited with only 4 lenses, Shankar said shooting in 3D is an arduous task as the camera rig can’t be moved easily and moving the entire set-up would take at least 30 minutes. 

Shankar added that even if a small cable gets disconnected for such camera set-up, fixing it up would take so much time again. So, he said each and every shot in the film had went through a lot of toil.

Shankar while explaining about the delay in the film and the increased budget, said that how a VFX company has “cheated” them. He said initially a VFX company was hired to do the extensive visual effects in the film. However, the company took a long while to deliver and it kept delaying and delaying and had repeatedly sought more time by taking extension after extension.

Further he said first they told to deliver 2 months in advance before the film’s initial release, but he said later they went back on their word and sought six more months time and again they had sought another 1 year time to finish the VFX work. 

Shankar said he and his whole unit finally realized that the said VFX company couldn’t handle such mammoth VFX the film requires and hence a bigger VFX company has been roped in to do the task. Shankar said he is finally happy with the end product and the VFX in the film. Reported by gulte. 


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