Reflections on the modern-yogi Madhu’s life and his free yoga classes


Mr. M Madhu is a yoga teacher and entrepreneur. He usually doesn’t like any type of publicity for his good work. In past, he had rejected many such interviews, because he believes in doing his work wholeheartedly for the betterment of people without expecting anything in return.

His teaching style balanced deep insights with common sense and inspiration with practicality. His very presence creates some sort of positive vibes.

He was born to V Manikya and Saraswati.  His dad died when he was in 10th grade. He was very good at studies, but due to his dad’s demise, he couldn’t further continue his studies. Hence he took up the house responsibility by looking over his dad’s silver-smith business.

In 1995, he got married to Pramila, which led to the birth of Deepa and Sanjay. His daughter Deepa had finished masters with higher grades and presently working as a lecturer at prestigious Jain University. And his son Sanjay is pursuing his bachelors.

Mr. Madhu learned yoga under Prakash yogi at the nearby government school. Then he continued practicing yoga without missing a single day. After a few years, he himself started to conduct yoga classes at the government school in Cubbonpet. He is been teaching yoga for the past 20 years for free, without any expectations.

Every day approximately 50 students attend his classes regularly. He says, “most of them join yoga to gain internal peace and good health. Whereas, some of them join yoga to reduce weight, but their intention must change. By doing yoga there are a lot of other benefits, whereas weight reduction is just a secondary benefit which comes along with it.”

Ten of his students have become yoga champions. Usually, his classes start off with pre-exercise, then prayers, pranayama, dhyana, surya namaskar(set of six postures) and finally the traditional yoga-asanas. Classes will be conducted in a systematic way. In the span of 22 years, he had not missed a single class, whatever his situations were.

He finally says, “by regularly practicing yoga, one can maintain a good health and can fight against the odds of life with ease. Just practicing yoga is not enough, one must take in proper food and mainly have a good lifestyle in all aspects.”



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