Role Of Rules In Our Lives


It seems that people don’t like rules as they represent a kind of restrictions, but in fact life can’t be organized without rules. People always need rules and laws to be able to live and deal together. Can you imagine even a game without rules; of course it will be a kind of mess.

When they are playing a game, they must follow its rules or it will be unfair. Also everything in our life should be restricted with rules or it becomes a mess and unfair. If there are no rules and everyone is free to do whatever they want, most people will probably behave selfishly. We need rules to help us get a long together and show respect to each other.

Many workplace rules are in place to keep workers or customers from hurting themselves. These regulations may be put in place before an incident based upon anticipated threats or after an accident to prevent a reoccurrence of an accident.
When your employees follow safety rules, you may see your health-care costs decrease as fewer people visit the hospital. Even better, your productivity may increase because your workforce is more stable and your best people are on the job, not in the doctor’s office


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