GULTOO: Audience review it as one of the best movies in KFI!!!

Director Janardhan Chikkanna had scored distinction in his very first directorial venture “GULTOO”. Our audience had really loved the movie. Almost all shows are running house-full, which is also a positive sign for KFI.
Gultoo movie as been in talk for past few months, especially for Lucia Pawan Kumar’s association with the movie. Promo was also a massive hit!
Pruthvi Sajjan: It’s not a regular comedy, romance, buildup movie. Spreads lot of awareness about cyber crime and information theft. Pls go and watch at your nearest center. Don’t miss it.
Santosh Putti: Gulltoo.. I really enjoyed pakka comiday thriller movie 100% Paisa vassul.
Madhu Sudhan: One of Best.. Movie in the Indian movie industry which can make people think about their Data Privacy and how important in their daily life, It is narrated and Showed in Simple manner. Society badly required this type of movie to understand internet Stuff. Hope Everyone watch this movie.
Srinidhi Sri: Movie is mind blowing, u got to watch it sir.. Yet another Director has entered KFI in style.
Sandeep D Jenda: I learned some part of filmmaking by seeing a film lucia and making vidios one more time.. its really a masterpiece from our south india.
Grt work sir.


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