Irrfan Khan is suffering from neuroendocrine tumour


Last week, Irrfan Khan posted disclosing that he has been suffering from a ‘rare disease’ and it had left the whole of Bollywood and his fans in utter shock. He had promised to
share more information after a ‘conclusive diagnosis’. Irrfan Khan revealed in twitter today, that he has been suffering from ‘neuroendocrine tumour’.

He posted that he has been diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumour, saying that although
it has been difficult, the love and support of those around him had brought him strength.
In the post, the actor also clarified that contrary to the rumours that were floating around, ‘NEURO’ is not always about the brain and that googling is not always the easiest
way to research.

NET, the neuroendocrine tumour is basically a condition in which there is an abnormal tissue growth in the hormone producing nervous cells (or neuroendocrine cells) of the body. This tumours can develop commonly in the intestines,
in the lungs, pancreas or anywhere else in the body. Whether or not the tumour is serious depends on if it is benign or malignant.


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