Benefits can’t be denied due to Aadhaar

In a statement, the UIDAI, Unique Identification Authority of India asked government departments/ministries and state/UT governments to ensure that no essential service or benefit is denied to a genuine beneficiary for the want of Aadhaar.
The statement comes amid a case in Gurgaon, where a woman was denied admission since she and her family members had forgotten to bring their Aadhaar car and was forced to deliver her child outside the emergency ward of the civil hospital.
With cases of denial of hospital facilities being reported, UIDAI has reiterated that the Aadhaar Act clearly states that benefits cannot be denied due to absence of an or Aadhaar number.
In its circular issued on 24th Oct 2017 UIDAI explained that there are detailed guidelines issued for exception handling mechanism for extending benefits to beneficiaries who do not possess Aadhaar or in cases where Aadhaar authentication is not successful due to any reason.


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