Shashi Tharoor says BJP is Planning “Major Assault” On Constitution

Congress lawmaker Shashi Tharoor, who feels the attack on various constitutional provisions, like Article 370 on Kashmir and secularism, will be part of attempts to create a “Hindu rashtra” (nation) says the BJP government is looking to make a “major assault” on the constitution if the ruling party gets a majority in both the houses of parliament.

Second-time Lok Sabha member from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, Mr Tharoor, also feels that the Congress and like-minded secular parties should come together on a common platform to resist the Hindutva onslaught in the next Lok Sabha elections. Even the Left parties could come on that platform post elections if necessary, according to him.
“I think a lot of their real agenda is waiting for the time when they have both Houses under their control. And once they do, I think you can certainly look to a major assault on the Constitution. Then the question is, will the Supreme Court stand by the basic structure doctrine and interpret it to include these principles of equality, freedom of religion, freedom of worship, non-discrimination, etc., which would make it impossible to reduce the Constitution to the document of a religiously-derived majoritarianism,” Mr Tharoor told IANS in an interview.


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