The journey of Arvind Sastry, the youngest director to receive Karnataka State Award for Best Original Screenplay



* When did you decide that you should direct a movie?

During my 2nd year of engineering, I decided that once I finish my studies, I should start working towards becoming a director. And even in those days, I use to watch a lot of movies. I would never watch a movie just for fun, along with it I use to judge the screenplay; what had worked and the reason for it.


* What was the journey after engineering?

I worked in Accenture for ten months as a software engineer. But I was not satisfied with it, as my aim was to become a director. Hence, I joined for a Post-Graduation program at Ramoji Academy Of Film And Television. There, I learned a lot about screenplay writing, production, and post-production work.


*How difficult was it to pitch your first movie?

It took eight months to arrive at the final draft of “Kahi”. As you know, it’s difficult to find a producer for our first movie. Even I went through the same phase. After finishing the script, I registered ‘Boiled Beans Pictures’ banner, as it was my childhood dream. Later I met Rekha Venkatesh and Nagasheela Prakash who liked my script and agreed to support the movie production as angel investors.

*Were you satisfied with the kind of response you got to “Kahi”?

First of all, I didn’t expect any fame from it. I just wanted to make a movie consciously with whatever I have written, without adding any masala aspects to it. We got a good response from the trailer. We were hoping to recover the invested money. But we couldn’t make it just because of the demonetization. But those who have watched it had thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Many had told me the same. Even critics had rated the movie well. Later, this movie fetched me the Karnataka State Award for Best Screenplay. And now it’s running well even on Netflix.


*Already, your next venture “Alidu Uidavaru” had created buzz amongst critics. Tell something about this movie?

In this movie, protagonist plays the role of a daring journalist. The story revolves around him. I would not like to disclose the story any further. All I want to say is, this movie will surely entertain the masses.

Ashu Bedra plays the lead role here. And Sangeetha Bhat is the female lead. Along with them, Pawan Kumar, Atul Kulkarni, and Beesu Suresh are playing the important roles. Midhun Mukundan is scoring the music. Right now, only the final schedule is remaining and simultaneously we are into post-production. We are planning to release the movie by end of April.

*Whom do you like to thank at this moment?

I would thank my parents and sister for their constant support and my dog “Drona” for being my best friend. I would also like to thank everyone who had supported me throughout the journey, which also includes the well-wishers from the film industry.

*Can you suggest something for youngsters who dream to become directors?

Nothing much. Just be honest about your work. Be conscious of what you are doing. Never get satisfied with your first draft, make at least ten drafts before pitching it.



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