What a sign of humanity! The aged couple was forced to stay for two days at Hubli bus stop


I really can’t understand how can a daughter send away her parents out of residence just like that. But it’s common for the present generation. The same incident had occurred at Hubli.

At first, 90-year-old Suryakant and 80-year-old Kamalamma were taken to a nearby old-age home by a few state transport corporation officials as soon as they see them.

They were sent out of the old-age home just because they didn’t carry with them any Identity proof. Later, they were taken to government old-age home by local police.

“I came here in the morning and saw them shivering in cold. On further inquiry, it was found that their daughter had thrown them out of the house. Some of the auto drivers took them to an old-age home, but due to unavailability of an identity card, they were brought here back,” said an official.

Earlier for few days, the couple worked in a temple at Hubli. Then again due to some personal reasons, they went to stay with their daughter at the residence. The so-called daughter, after few days, pushed her parents out of the home. Hence they were taking shelter at the bus stand.

However, finally, they are sheltered at government old-age home. Our generation guys should understand one thing here if you die, your partner will surely find an alternative to your place with another but parents will never think of an alternative.

(source : Times Now)




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