This beggar earns 4 lakhs per annum and has 3 wives.


Jharkhand’s Chhotu Baraik is leading a royal life in spite of being a beggar. Can begging earn him so much of money?

We can no more look at a beggar as a poor guy because they are getting comparatively more income than an average IT-BT professional.

A physically disabled 40 years man begs in almost all train that stops at the Chakradharpur railway station. You will be shocked to read that he earns an annual income of 4 lakhs. But nowadays most of them are making it through it.

Actually, he does not end up working just as a beggar. He also has a utensils shop. Along with this, he works as a marketing executive in a private company called ‘Vestig’.

Chhotu was born in a poor family. By birth, he had physical defect near his waist. Hence from a small age, he is begging to lead his life. At those times, he uses to earn 12 to 18 thousand per year. But now he earns lakhs together.

Being a husband to three wives, he manages it pretty well by giving them each some money every month. One of his wife helps him in running shop, while other two do some works, which overall helps their family to lead a happy life.



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