Sales boy becoming a poet…!


Abhimanyu Kumar S with pen name Thala has written 280 poems, in which 151 are published, the rest are burnt… If you want to know the force behind this man, which made him to write those intense poems, I must take you back to his childhood days…

 Abhimanyu Kumar S was born in Venkatgiri Kota, Andhra Pradesh(31-12-1988). His father, Shrvwen Dass Vaishnaw was a cloth merchant in Venkatgiri Kota. His mother was very pious and Caring.

Abhimanyu belonged to a Marwari Orthodox  Vaishnaw family and he was the youngest son amongst four. When he was in primary at St Theresa Convent, KGF his family moved to Bethmangala near KGF.

Till this part of his life he had led a royal life, but all of a sudden ,he started to taste the other side of the coin. I mean ‘poverty’ at its best . The reason for this was the losses at Venkatgiri Kota and Shop Robbery in Bethmangala.

There was financial crisis  in family . They did not know how to lead from there!

On the day after robbery his mother spoke to her sons about the tough phase in which they are. It touched Abhimanyu immensely. Without a second thought he decided, determined to take up some job . He went to the shop and saw the left overs. There were only few blouse racks filled. He took 12 blouse cut pieces and left his father in amusement. It was 5.30 of evening with the Mark of sunset but for Abhimanyu it was a new rise. He screamed in streets like an insane just imitating the salesmen he used to see from his crystal window. He sold three pieces and earned two rupees for the first time in his life at the age of 10. This was completely different from his living and the established fame of his family.

He used to carry blouse pieces along with  books in his bag  to school. After his school he used to go for sales and reach home late by earning 50 to  70 rupees. This continued throughout his schooling and till his under graduation.He started experiencing life from the darkest corner of society and became more bold towards achieving big. You may question “didn’t he feel shy or shameful to sell blouse pieces while his friends were enjoying a royal life”. For this, he says “once his mother had told him, only those who indulge in gambling and stealing alone should be ashamed. There is no need to be ashamed of hard work”.

He was never a business man in his business as he use to keep a very less margin in his sale. He became a part of every family where he sold his goods. He learnt Hard work and love go together in life from the slums and poverty stricken villages.A boy of 10 having a past of riches and could what would be his state of mind in those early days.

One of his poem;

Death, Death and Death


I see the death everyday

Death in relations

Death in religion and faith

Death of man in man

Everyday, everywhere, every moment

Death, death and death.


I experience the death around me

Millions and billions of ceremonies

The smoke on maps of mankind

Death in temple and streets

Death in clubs and parties

Death, death and death.


I foresee the death of humanity

Harassment, discrimination and hatred

Death in purity and sacredness

Death in broken mirrors and home

Death in king, death in masses

Death, death and death.


With the sweat and breath of 8 years from him and his family, finally there emerged a shop . And now he was bachelor of arts in sociology . Later , he joined to Bangalore University for his Master’s  in English Literature, deeply influenced by his elder brother Rajesh and T. S. Eliot’s ‘ The Wasteland ‘.

After facing and living a life full of Hard work and physical strain He entered into the world of intellectual traits and enlightened slaves.


Now life became in variety and there was something to come more of enemies and more of his love story………….. There was a Girl pursuing MSc in the same University. What happens next…! Will be continued tomorrow…!




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