Duniya Vijay’s words on his film and the underworld


Vijay’s team has begun shooting for a talkie portion at a burial ground in Bengaluru. “This sequence will be for 15 days. I haven’t begun acting yet. I am getting acclimatised to being on the set and directing as of now. I will begin shooting from next week. All these days, I have acted in films which had me portraying someone else’s viewpoint. This is going to be my take on underworld. I must admit direction is giving me sleepless nights. It is a lot more work. From being the king on the set, I’ve turned the foot soldier with direction. I used to be the one being taken care of and had little to worry. Now, I get to ensure everyone’s needs are met and ensure all is well with the film. Though, I must admit that I do enjoy direction and the entire process. It is going to be a big task, and I am game for it,” says Vijay. Salaga is the story of an innocent criminal. 


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