Sonu Gowda can finally share good news


Sonu posted a message saying, “Waiting to post these pics from a lonnnnggg time.. was excited n wanted to add in stories n all but my director R. Chandru sir had gun point on my head not to reveal or talk about the character, today feeling so satisfied and blessed for the overwhelming reviews, words failed to express my joy, grateful for the whole team n Chandru sir n family.. last but not the least dr.kiran for recommending my name to the director and @baadal_nanjundaswamy the reason for me to take up this movie.. first time when I heard the script I was so confused( usually any movie offer I get I don’t discuss with anyone but this movie) I called baadal I narrated the story without telling the star cast.. then I asked him should I do this role or not? He replied “yes you need to” then I said “no, what if they brand me?” Baadal replied “for a good actress no one will brand do this film” I said “I will take two days time I will think and reply” he cut the call abruptly,again night 3.00 am he called saying “you should do this movie” morning 10.00am again called he said call the production and say I want to do, until I call he did not allow me to do any other work.. thanks a ton baadal we ve fought crazily, still u ve been with me.. u r crazy to the world, people call you so.. I call you crazy as well but without you i don’t know about I love you movie – THANKSSSSSSS”


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