Gultoo fame Janardhan Chikkanna to adapt Ravi Belagere’s novel Omerta


Omerta, the novel on the underworld by Ravi Belagere, is being made into a film. Janardhan Chikkanna, who made a sensational debut with the hit film Gultoo, is directing the film. Omerta is an Italian term and is a code of silence said to be practised by the Mafia. When caught, members under the oath refuse to give any information to the police. Mario Puzo, the master of underworld fiction has a popular novel by the same name. Belagere’s Omerta is about characters from Karnataka. The film may also be named Omerta, but a final decision is yet to be taken. 

“This is one book that has had many people eyeing it. I was completely intrigued by the story, which is set against the backdrop of the underworld. The makers of the film met Ravi Belagere, who gave them the rights to adapt it on screen. I am thrilled to be a part of this film because this is a story, that many have read and liked, there is also an anticipation of what the team that made Gultoo will be doing next and the fact that I have a very good character that portrays a range of emotions,” says Anish.

Janardhan Chikkanna says, “I met Belagere about six months ago to seek permission and the rights to make the movie. The script is ready and is completely based on the book. It is the story of the mafia and deals with the dark side of human emotions, their actions and the consequences”.


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