Ticket Rate Rs 1000 For 1000 crores Budget Film?


Few days back when ticket rate hike happened for Maharshi movie, one of the kind explanation that came from the film’s producer is that exhibitors have decided to hike the rate because they feel that huge budgets are involved in the movie.

Usually when high budgets are involved and if the producers want to reap benefits in the first week itself, then all the screens available in every nook and corner of Telugu states should be filled with the same movie. 

So for the movie Maharshi, the whole Andhra and Telangana saw the film tickets being sold at 200 rupees, and a surcharge of 30 extra if you buy online. Rather that, one wonders why ticket price is hiked. And tomorrow if someone comes up with 1000 crores movie, will they get permission to hike the ticket price to 1000 rupees by presenting similar reason? We have to wait and see.


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