RGV confesses his love towards Chay and Samantha; later deletes tweet


In the midst of Majili’s hype, controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma tweeted something unusual and then deleted the tweet.

He wrote “Yes @chay_akkineni I admit am on 4th vodka when I tweeted earlier but will be worse when am not on vodka.. Bottom line I love u more than @Samanthaprabhu2 in this trailer and I am not GAY. This is my truth inspite of me loving her more than you (sic)”

He admitted that he is being drunk and he also gave his honest opinion on ‘Majili’ teaser and it seems to be an unusual compliment to the Akkineni scion from the controversial filmmaker. His tweet went viral within a short time but strangely, RGV later deleted the post, don’t know for what.


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