Samantha supports Nayanthara with an ‘epic’ troll of Radha Ravi


Ever since Radha Ravi slut shamed Lady Superstar Nayanthara at her upcoming film’s trailer launch event,  he has been cornered from all quarters. Now, it’s actress Samantha’s turn to take a jibe at Radha Ravi. Samantha took to her Twitter and posted a sharp and sarcastic message targeting Radha Ravi. Sam first termed Radha Ravi’s comments on Nayan as “a struggle to stay relevant”.

Sam continued to mock Radha Ravi clinically. “You’re a sad man and we all feel sorry for you. May your soul or whatever is left of it find peace,” she added. The highlight of Sam’s tweet was the last two lines. “We’ll send you tickets for Nayanthara’s next superhit film. Have some popcorn and take a chill pill,” Sam told Radha Ravi.

Samantha was also one of the few big names to support Chinmayi when she was waging a largely lonely battle in the initial days of the ‘Me Too’ movement, against the likes of Vairamuthu and Radha Ravi. With the involvement of big actresses like Nayanthara and Samantha, this whole issue about sexual harassment and women’s safety would get a lot more prominence and importance. Better late than never!


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