Police detain 10 teenagers in India for playing banned video games like PUBG


Police in the western Indian state of Gujarat detained 10 teenagers for breaking a newly announced ban on playing videogame “PUBG,” the forerunner of global smash “Fortnite,” officials said on Thursday.

The detained teenagers were taken into custody but later released with a warning, said Manoj Agrawal, police commissioner of Rajkot city in Gujarat. The ban was announced last week by local authorities to combat what they called the spread of “violent traits” in kids playing PUBG and “Momo challenge,” a so-called suicide game.

The inspector added that the game is apparently extremely addictive and the youths were so engrossed in playing that they didn’t notice the police team approach. The mobile phones have been confiscated to help in the investigation. The men that were arrested include a private firm employee, a casual laborer while the third is a graduate looking for work. This arrest comes after the arrest of six college students by Rajkot taluka police. As reported by the guardian.


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