Is The Sequel Of 2.O Getting Ready!!!


Now a days our makers are making either two-part films or interesting sequels. While Rajamouli came up with two-part film for Baahubali franchisee, we have Shankar coming up with 2.0, as a sequel to his super hit film Robo. He may direct a sequel of 2.0.

If there are chances for the sequel, then the last 5 minutes of the film will be giving a peek into what is gonna come in the next sequel of the movie. Here in 2 Point O also we have Shankar indicating that there is Chinni 3.0, which happens to be a microbot, which has actually stolen the show during the climax part. 

Reports are now coming that Lyca Productions want to go ahead with the sequel too. Though 200-250+ crores share may be the box office collection of the film, the satellite rights and other digital rights of the film are going to fetch them huge. All included, there will be profits from 2.O, and hence the makers are said to be planning this sequel. It’s a great news for cinema lovers, if it happens so.(Reference taken from gulte)


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