Taxiwala Director: Allu Arjun Said Sorry To Me


Allu Arjun, who was the chief guest, had spoken from everyone including the film’s writers, hero Vijay Deverakonda, heroine Priyanka and all during the pre-release function of Taxiwaala. But he had forgotten to give due credit to director Rahul at the event. Later the film went onto become a big success.

Allu Arjun has thrown a lavish party at a posh pub to the entire cast and crew of the film. During the party, Allu Arjun has apologized to director Rahul for missing his name at the pre-release. Allu Arjun admitted that director plays very important role in shaping up a film and he has forgotten to mention his name by mistake. He clarified to director that it happened by mistake and it was not intentional. 

Surprisingly Bunny has said sorry to Rahul in front of the entire cast and crew at the party. Instead of saying sorry personally i.e one-on-one, Bunny chose to do it in front of all team so that he wants to show them, that he respects director a lot and also wants everyone to respect director. Reference taken from gulte.


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