Sachin Tendulkar: Sports Should be Inclusive In School Curriculum


Sachin Tendulkar: Sports Should be Inclusive In School Curriculum

“When sports and education go together, it creates harmony. I would like to see sports included in all schools and make it mandatory. It (sports) doesn’t recognise the colour of skin, know your bank balance, or differentiate between a boy or girl. It doesn’t discriminate. That is best for children. It helps in the overall development,” the legendary cricketer Sachin told.

“You have to be fearless but not careless. You have teachers to give direction to your life. Good individuals in dressing room make a good team,” he explained. The batting legend also showered praise on sprint runner Hima Das, calling her as an inspiration for many. He also advised children to be fearless in life

Sachin further said, “when it comes to women’s contribution. We have seen how much they have achieved. Hima Das has become an ambassador and all want to be her. I want to encourage, especially the girl child, to take up sports and bring laurels to nation.”

God of cricket also stressed on the importance of hygiene and said: “Hygiene and sanitation in each school should be the focus. There are reports that girls can’t go to school because they can’t use the washroom.”

Source: ndtv


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