Tamannah Feels Love And Sex Is Correct


Tamannah Feels Love And Sex Is Correct 

Tamannah, praising Tollywood to the peak said, “telugu cinema is changing the whole of Indian film industries and people are waiting for Telugu films to release. The likes of Arjun Reddy, RX100 and Gudachari have taken our pride to next level.”

In the trailer, the romance and lip kissing of Sandeep with Brazillian beauty Larissa Bonessi and Poona Kaur occupied most part, rest of the scenes are talkative Tamanna hitting us hard. But we have to see how this ‘love and sex’ drama will work at the box office.

She further said, “I come from a conservative industry where people watch films with families. But this script is all about love and sex, love and sex, love and sex. But I loved that story because this is what life is all about. I felt it correct and a strong connection as well.”

Source: gulte 


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