Even on a galactic scale, Einstein’s general relativity reigns supreme



A new study shows that the theory of general relativity holds true even over vast distances. Chalk up another win for Einstein’s seemingly invincible theory of gravity.

In the study, the team looked at how light from a faraway galaxy was bent by that warping as the light passed by an intervening galaxy while traveling toward Earth.

Thr scientists estimated ESO 325-G004’s mass, using the observations of distorted light. Then they compared that measurement with a second mass estimate based on how stars in the galaxy zipped around and hence how much mass was tugging on them. The two measurements agreed, validating Einstein’s theory.

To general relativity, the result challenges certain proposed tweaks, which predict that the masses won’t match up. For physicists, such tweaks are appealing because they might eliminate the need for dark energy, a mysterious pressure thought to be behind the universe’s accelerating expansion. But so far, Einstein still reigns supreme.

Source: sciencenews


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