Choose The Right University And Course


When the University applications opened up, I knew only one thing; that I have to be in the Silicon Valley region. I checked for Universities that matched my financial ability and my desired course. I found one of the state Universities had exactly everything I was looking for and hence I applied only to this one University, while everyone else had applied for a minimum of 5 Universities for back up and choice.

I had only one choice and I was sure about it and I believed in it. People advised me that if I don’t have backup Universities I will be wasting another year or six months waiting to take the course next year. Meanwhile the US elections results took us all by surprise and I got ‘gyan’ sessions from people telling me to take up my Masters in a safe country where immigration policies are lenient. With just weeks left for applications to close, I still had only applied for one University.

But guess what?
I got through it and now I am in the heart of the Silicon Valley region pursuing my MS in the field that I had always wanted to! Despite the circumstances, I had only one choice and I had faith in it and that is the only reason why it came true. Everyone’s dream is different and unique in its own way but the seed for realizing it is just one. It is believing in it. If you have a dream, believe in it firmly!

Source: Eshu-thesecret


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