An Ideal Lifestyle For Summer


Each season provides us with unique challenges and opportunity. Summer is a great time of the year to improve your health and if not planned for can be a great time to lose the ground you’ve gained. Here are a few tips to maintaining or improving your health this summer:

What you should prefer eating:-
1)Include sweet,cold food items in your meal, for e.g any sweet mango chutney,mango juice,fruits etc.

2)Take high quantity of liquids throughout the summer; Juices, milk, coconut water to name a few.

3)Home made cow ghee should be eaten in a fair quantity.

With summer comes the requirement of taking extra care of your skin. From using the right facial oil to staying away from products rich in natural butter, one can make their skin look radiant by following some simple steps. Mohit Narang, a skincare expert with Avon India, lists some tips to follow in summer.

If you find yourself a creative personality, why not take an advantage of this magic season? Try yourself in different roles, take part in concerts and it will give you a chance to unleash your creative potential and express your feelings.


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