Amit Shah On Goa, Manipur: “Congress Was Single Largest But…”


The BJP said this evening that it staked claim because it was the “mandate of the people”. At a press conference, party chief Amit Shah said it is the “right” of the single largest party to form government. Regarding Congress claims about the BJP creating a precedent in Goa and Manipur for exactly the opposite, he said the party had stepped forward in those states because the Congress didn’t.

Mr Shah said two days after the dramatic resignation by BS Yeddyurappa in the Karnataka assembly ahead of the trust vote, “the Congress hadn’t staked claim as ‘single largest party’ in these states. We did, and the Governor had no option.”

Mr Shah today said the BJP’s numerical strength in the election, only seven short of a majority, showed the people’s will. “The right belongs to the single largest party. Had we not staked claim, it would have been against the mandate of people. That is why we staked claim,” he said.

The BJP chief said, “this is an anti-Congress mandate, no confusion about that. Their Chief Minister lost one election, won on a slender margin from second seat.”

Source: NDTV


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