Seven Essential Acting Techniques 


1) Thinking tends to lead to conclusion and emotion tends to lead   to action.

2)  We humans empathize only with emotion.

3)  Theatrical reality is not the same as regular reality.

4)  Acting is doing; acting is also reacting.

5)  Your character should play an action until something happens to make him play a different action.

6)  Scenes begin in the middle not the beginning.

7)  A scene is negotiation.

1 & 2 are essential to performance and are subservient to the action of the narrative.

3 i feel is significant to the writing stage

4 i feel sits between 3 and 1 & 2 and is important for negotiating the action.

5 again sits just after the writing stage but also important to the establishing the chronology of the action.

6 Scenes begin in the middle not the beginning. This is certainly true for live action. (In pantomime we always see the decision to leave home but never the actual leaving, we then join them mid journey for example). However, for animation we can extend this into performance.

7 this, as stated by Hooks, is suited to the scriptwriting stage.


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