Young leaders are appointed by Rahul Gandhi at key posts in Gujarat, Odisha Congress

The young leaders, Jitendra Singh and Rajeev Satav were appointed as in-charge of the party affairs in Odisha and Gujarat respectively in the key organisational change by Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday appointed.
The senior leader and general secretary BK Hariprasad will be replaced by Singh, a former Union minister and a key aide of Gandhi.
The senior leader Ashok Gehlot will replaced by Satav, Lok Sabha MP from Hingoli in Maharashtra and a former Youth Congress president, in Gujarat. He was one of the four secretaries, including Harshvardhan Sapkal, Varsha Gaikwad and Jeetu Patwari, who assisted Gehlot in the November-December polls in Gujarat.
The Congress failed to oust the saffron party from Gujarat even after 22 years of its rule in the elections. Former Rajasthan chief minister Gehlot was appointed The general secretary in-charge of Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled Gujarat in April last year ahead of the polls.
Gujarat leader Lalji Desai in the place of Mahendra Joshi as the chief organiser of the Seva Dal, a frontal organisation of the Congress, and appointed.
Source: HindustanTimes


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