Is it the right time to speak with you???

1). Learn to enjoy your work. It’s possible only when you be in the field of your passion. So never do any work for just sake of money. Forget about this brutal society, don’t try to impress it with your profession. It’s just waste of life. You just do what you like. Nothing else.
2). Stop eating large meals, a ton of carbohydrates or junk foods. As you all know, these types of foods will make you drowsy. Instead, practice to take in lighter meals that contain plenty of proteins. It will indirectly reduce your sleep quota. And get involved in yoga/games/exercises at least for half an hour every day.
3). When you’re tired, you probably aren’t at your best. So, stop trying to complete ten different tasks. There will be more chances of you to not finish off your most important ones. Hence leave items that can wait until another day. But never skip those things which should be done today.
4). Have control on yourself. Never do those things which your inner-heart doesn’t like. Forget about morals of society. But never give up your own morals. Just speak with your inner-heart before taking decisions, never go with the mind alone. Never allow hormones to hijack your intelligence.



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