MPs panel slams govt for starving armed forces of funds

The senior military officers have told the parliamentary standing committee on defence that, marginal increase in the defence budget barely accounts for inflation, without helping address the glaring imbalance between cutting-edge weaponry and old equipment in the Indian armed forces.
Army vice-chief Lt-General Sarath Chand told the parliamentary committee on defence that, “The 2018-2019 budget has dashed our hopes … The marginal increase barely accounts for inflation and does not even cater for taxes.”
Lt-Gen Chand said, “We, in the Army, also identified as many as 25 projects for the `Make in India’ policy. However, there is no adequate budget to support this. As a result, many of these may end up foreclosed.”
The committee, chaired by BJP leader Major General B C Khanduri, in a series of reports tabled in Parliament on Tuesday.“We are aghast to note this dismal scenario where the representatives of the Services have themselves frankly explained the negative repercussions on our defence preparedness due to inadequate fund allocations.”


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