In Andhra, Telangana Cinema theatres remain shut!

In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Cinema theatres remained shut for the 2nd consecutive day on Saturday over the issue of Virtual Print Fee (DPF). The shutdown-call was given by South Indian Film Producers Council, and about 2,000 theatres in the two Telugu states were not screening movies in response to it.
The distributors along with producers have claimed that the DSPs were charging Rs 22,500 as VPF, per screen, causing huge losses to them. They said the DSPs were also charging a hefty fee for trailers and advertisements.
Even though some multiplexes on Saturday screened English and Hindi movies but there were no shows of Telugu films. Cinema theatres in other southern states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala also remained closed to demand reduction of VPF.
The shutdown will continue till the Digital Service Providers (DSPs) reduce VPF for regional language films says the joint action committee formed by the producers from all southern states has declared that. The council further said there will be no screening of movies in all the theatres till DSPs bring down the VPF and eventually withdraw it as they have done for English movies.


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