Crocodile in Indonesia had Human leg and arm inside belly

A 20-foot long crocodile was shot and killed by authorities close to a riverbank where a local palm oil plantation worker had gone missing two days earlier, with only his motorbike and sandals found at the site, they said.
Indonesian police said on Friday, a human leg and arm have been found inside the belly of a huge crocodile suspected of mauling a man to death in Borneo. Police said they spotted a crocodile nearby and killed it.
The victim’s wife said he had left home to hunt for clams they could eat. The search ended Thursday when 36-year-old Andi Aso Erang’s lifeless body — missing two limbs — was discovered floating in a different part of the river in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo.
Anisa said, “I never expected he would end up in a terrible situation like this.” In 2016, a Russian tourist was killed by a crocodile in the Raja Ampat islands, a popular diving site in the east of the archipelago.
Source: HindustanTimes


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