Sourav Ganguly tells out about his big mistakes

As India captain, Ganguly always had a good eye for talent and yet he went spectacularly wrong in getting Greg Chappell as coach. He says that he doesn’t hold back any grudges, even after big fights on  the field.
Ganguly who is turning 46 this July had gone through many rough phases. He says, “I don’t panic easily because when I took guard against bowlers capable of bowling very fast, I couldn’t afford to do that. So I had to train my mind to stay calm. Over time, I have also developed the ability to back myself.”
He further says, “Now, I am happy so long as Sana is happy. That is important.” By this we can know, that’s what made him to take his daughter and wife Dona for a late night show of Padmaavat.
Ganguly also added that he hasn’t written a biography. “I have no intention of writing one at the moment and it is not because I am afraid of displeasing a lot of people. I just think there is a lot more to learn from life,” he says.
He also says, “Breaking into the team, surviving for a period of time, handling expectations, dealing with the lows and then working your way back to the top; these are situations every performer faces.”
Source: HindustanTimes


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