2018 Gujarat civic polls: BJP retains an edge, Congress gets more grip

GANDHINAGAR: Continuing its winning run in the 2017 assembly elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday grabbed power in 47 municipalities out of 75 in the civic elections. However, the Congress also received grip and increased its number, winning 16, whereas in 2013, it had won a just eight municipalities. BJP had won 47 out of 75 municipalities, even in 2013.
The BJP also won in Vadnagar municipality the home of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Independents are in higher numbers, as both the parties claim to have support in 10 municipalities where there is no clear mandate.
“Out of 75 municipalities, BJP has won 47, Congress has won 16, while both NCP and BSP have won from 1 (municipality). There is no clear mandate in six municipalities while in four municipalities, independents have an edge”, state election commissioner Varesh Sinha said.
Sinha added, “Out of 2060 seats, BJP won 1167 seats, Congress won 630 seats, BSP won 15, NCP won 28 seats, other parties won 18 seats while independents won 202 seats.”


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