Supreme Court: two-child norm

Couples who followed the policy should be rewarded with incentives, while those who violated the “norm” should be punished by withdrawal of government “facilities and concessions”, said by the public interest litigation petition, filed by activist Anupam Bajpai.
The petition, filed through advocate Shiv Kumar Tripathi, says “The citizen should have a limit in giving birth only to the maximum of two children, failing which the person concerned shall attract disqualification with respect to government facilities and other benefits being provided by the government to its citizens.”
It said that unless measures were taken to make a course correction of the mindset of the present generation, the future generations may have to lead a miserable life.
The Supreme Court may hear a plea to direct the Union government to give a “serious thought” to the rise in population and adopt the “two-child” policy norm in family planning.
Source:The Hindu


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