MS Dhoni overpowers Virat Kohli, here is the proof


This case which took place during the 4th ODI in Johannesburg between India and South Africa, where the hosts secured a 5-wicket win to keep themselves alive in the series. The incident took place during the 8th over of the match when Jasprit Bumrah was bowling to Hashim Amla. As the ball went through the space between Amla’s bat and pad, most of indian players including Dhoni and Kohli, got excited after hearing a sound.

The skipper looked extremely interested in going for a DRS as the umpire said no and even consulted the vice-captain Rohit for the same. Dhoni, however, was the only one who advised against going for a review and gave another example of his exemplary brilliance.

Dhoni’s almost flawless take on DRS also earned him the nickname of ‘Dhoni Review System’. Last year, even a stat surfaced claiming Dhoni gets his reviews right 95% of the times. While everyone witnesses off days, Dhoni is someone, you would hardly see faltering as far as the DRS is concerned.


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