Sandalwood: Myna Chetan and FIRE won

Film Industry for Rights and Equality (FIRE) was established in Sandalwood last year for the upliftment of writers, woman, and workers.
In a step towards their first big win, actor Chetan who is one of the brains behind the organization, tells us, “After working with our Kannada Film Industry Okkuta for a year and presenting 3 books with over 1,000 eligible candidates & information to the Labour Ministry, FIRE – Film Industry for Rights & Equality— succeeds in providing our industry workers with housing benefits from our state government this month.”
He also says, “Special thanks to Purushottham (make-up union) several members of the Okkuta for their dedicated service to this cause. Around 100+ one bedroom houses will be allocated to workers after a final meeting with the committee. FIRE will continue its efforts to reform our film industry with emphasis on 3w’s– women, writers, & workers.”


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