Discipline it seems, discipline… It’s not a “Uma-Gold Chain” to show-off…!

You the so-called gentlemen, what do you mean by discipline? Is it about ironed dress and well-buttoned shirt? No. What you consider as a discipline is just a bull-shit.
Discipline is immeasurable, but those aspects which you are considering as a discipline are measurable. Off-course living in this so-called cultured society, we should cover some of our body parts, that’s it. Beyond it, no one can draw a line.
It’s individual freedom. It depends even on the climate. What you think as a discipline, may not be the same in some other country.
Then where can you draw a line? In some cold countries, if they wear a blazer, you gentlemen make a rule that students must wear a blazer in India too even in hot climatic conditions. Instead of wasting time on these things, we should concentrate on keeping ourselves clean internally.
Discipline must be within you. It’s not a “Uma-Gold Chain” to show off. For example; in a class, the way of learning is a discipline, not a well-buttoned shirt. On roads, the way you ride a bike will be the discipline, not “god stickers” on your bike. In love, being truthful to your lover will be the discipline, not just texting her “I love you” message daily. There is no need to wish teacher “good morning”, and then spoil his morning by not listening to his lecture properly. Discipline is beyond all these. It should be the very own nature of us, within. There is no need for your fack gestures. Hope you don’t understand.


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