Is film-making approached in right way?


Most of the directors are not even preparing the script properly. We copy scenes from some of the films from different languages and make a script.

Even as a producer, we don’t care about making a good movie. We will be ready to produce if the script contains some masala elements and if director agrees to give the main role to our son.

I really can’t understand towards what we are heading. To become successful in other fields, all are putting in a lot of efforts. But to become a film-maker, are we putting in any efforts on the right path?

No, never. We may put efforts to search a producer, but never in making a script. Even our audiences are choiceless, for all other items they can fail a case in consumer court if the product is not good. But there are no such options in this case. They can’t question anyone even after spending on a ticket and wasting time on the film.

Let’s concentrate on making a good script and screenplay before pitching the film. Let’s not cheat the audience. In a way, we are also cheating the art along with ourselves. Let’s think about it. If you are feeling angry, then you are one amongst that group of film-makers.



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