Why did Shikhar Dhawan’s wife get emotional with Anushka Sharma?


Their husbands are busy fighting against South Africa on the field, whereas wives are having fun to its peak in South Africa.

Shikhar Dhawan’s Wife Gets Emotional as Anushka Sharma Prepares to leave South Africa.


In fact, Shikhar’s wife Aesha and Anushka Sharma are best friends and have developed good repo. Before the start of the match, they visited some interesting places with their families.

Then, they were busy cheering for their men from the stands in the ongoing first test match in Cape Town. Along with them, even Bhuvaneshwar’s wife was jelling up well. They all used these opportunity to know about each.

These photos are not the only proof, even the latest Instagram post says all about their friendship. Aesha took a selfie with Anushka just before she leaves South Africa and had posted it on Instagram which also has her daughter.



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