2nd half of real hero’s journey…!


After joining  Master’s in English Literature at Bangalore University, Abhimanyu’s literature side started to shine. He use to enjoy reading literature books. Especially the writings of Eliot, Mathew Arnold and Rabindranath Tagore use to take away most of his valuable time. You must know the fact, this habit is the one which had made him more valuable.

This is the age where most of youth get deviated, but he actually entered the track. He  wrote poems whenever he felt and never when he wanted. In fact his first poem was written on road ‘Road to End.

When everything was going well, a girl entered his life. She was none other than Swan who was doing MSc in the same University. On a fine day she proposes Thala with all fear as she knew, he never liked the tag of love .

However Abhi admitted the truth that he has a place for her in heart. But it would go against his tradition. And even their parents may not agree for the inter-caste marriage. She was not in position to listen to his words. She wanted him as a life partner at any cost.


Love poem

Chapter 21: An Aftermath


Spinning eyes, pretty lips,

Golden strip

Presence sign of purity,

In the Closest of divinity,

Gave me a sound completion.


She was an Angel

Appeared, rendered and disappeared.

Clouds here and there

Tension everywhere, meet nowhere

Love, waiting for love not for love.


Beauty is culture, tradition truth,

Keats with Art, here its for love.

Dilemma in mind,

Split in personality,

Physique in love, psyche in tradition.


Neither can I leave,

Nor can I live,

Leave can live my actions,

No one can solve my fractions.

Oh! Lord of seven hills how shall I tell you….


Those were the pearls,

Which were her eyes.

The autumn leaves fall,

They say nothing at all.

Broken heart, addicted in disorder.


My heart dissolved within,

Like butter on a hot pan.

Emotions felt in tranquility,

Tranquility experienced reality,

Reality gave nothing; off course nothing dear.


Happiness She gave,

Buried me in a grave.

I found happiness, filling my emptiness

Seeking to nothingness

Toughest chemistry darling.


Day and nights pass in memories,

Bogus start and unpolished ending.

Hours spent were few, still

Eternal happiness

I knew from new.


Her smile, vision and utterance,

Cherish and nourish my destiny.

Name in veins, remembrance in strains.

Yet, far I feel till my last breath

One man, one Name one love.

Only and only one love.


She haunts and hunts my nights,

With her giggling and fragrance of air,

Such images are in cage, in care.

Nerves working in dual stand,

Punctual tradition, sincere love.

Who is She? Who am I?


My soul sounds, rounds and bounds,

‘To Knit Fate’s thread

I can’t chop tradition’s thread’.


Last two lines sums up his love story .


Abhi, experienced deep state of love. He was such a pure lover, that he didn’t expect anything from her. Days passed on. His love and love for literature made him to forget everything else. He use to live in his world.

Fortunately or unfortunately, when he was in 3rd semester, he got to know that her marriage was fixed and her engagement was done long ago, even before he had joined the university. Until then he had believed “love is something which never dies”. But his mind started to question even that. He knows that love is true, but now he came to know people those who love are not truthful to their love.

He moved on. He always believed, life has to go on, irrespective of external things. This incident made him more stronger. His hands were not getting any rest during this phase; right hand with a pen and left hand with a cigarette was always engaged, in remembrance of her. He wrote most of raw poems in those days, with some harsh words and vulgarity….

He secured third rank in Bangalore University where there was plenty more of drama than his love story. He got into teaching with the passion of evoking young minds and society for love and peace.

He has inspired many students through his lectures and public talks at many colleges/institutes. At present, he is teaching at Jain University,  Bangalore .

The one who use to sell blouse pieces, sarees, mehandi, chamki, caps and many petty things….becomes a popular poet. A salesman moving up and inspiring around can never stop doing more.

For now it’s a pause, but surely will come with more of his life incidents.

He Says,  “my work is to teach students how to live life, rather than just passing in exams”…!



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