Aadhaar card is compulsory for women to enter Sabarimala…!


Yes, you read it right; ID cards are compulsory for women to enter Sabarimala. Every woman can’t enter, age restrictions will be enforced.

“We will review the age group of women before allowing them to the temple. We also consider the Aadhaar card as a record”, says  A.Padmakumar.

Women between the age group of 10 to 50 are not allowed to enter the temple. Travancore Devasom Board President A Padmakumar, who heads the temple, says “forbidden women are visiting the temple, hence this rule will be enforced. From now onwards we will be checking their Aadhaar cards, which reduces the arguments with them”.

He continues, “we had allowed people to enter for pilgrims from November 15. During this time, nearly 260 women, those who belong to the forbidden group were stoped from entering the temple”.

The refusal of the temple entry to women is under investigation at the Supreme Court’s constitution bench. We must not bring in the “equality” aspect here. One should understand that some occult practices are conducted inside Sabarimala temple, this causes a severe effect on women, biologically. Off course in all other temples women should be allowed irrespective of their age category. But not here. Isn’t it?







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