Don’t you think we should change our approach towards a problem?


Hello readers, what’s on the menu for discussion? Ho, we were waiting for some molestation incident to take place on New Year’s Eve. So that we all would have discussed about it. Fortunately/Unfortunately nothing as such occurred. We are bored! Isn’t it?  So, we all are waiting for some breaking news, to discuss…!I really can’t understand what we are doing. Few weeks back we spoke about “a minor girl, who was murdered after alleged gang rape in Vijayapura”.Do you remember? No. We left her completely, we shall never bring her justice. Because within few days, we got a new issue about “Mahadayi dispute” to discuss online and off course near tea shops.We had fun discussing about it. Then, we left even Mahadayi issue, because by that time, Union Minister Anantkumar Hegde kicked up row with remarks on secularism.

One thing, we must observe here, we are not heading towards any solutions or results. We don’t have so much patience to fight on an issue, until we get justice. We just want something to speak about for time pass and show off. Nothing else. Even politicians know about us. That’s why; they are least bothered about our protests. They know that, however we are going to forget it in few days.

So, don’t you think we should change our approach towards a problem? Instead of merely speaking about effects of a problem, we should start discussing about the cause and solutions for a problem. Isn’t it?






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